Eye Bath

An eye bath with a 1% lukewarm sole solution is a simple and very effective application for dry and/or strained eyes. The salt penetrates in the mucous membranes and keeps them moisturize.

For an eye wash, you can find eye-wash cups in internet shops and drug stores. For this application you can also prepare a 1% lukewarm sole solution, similar to the one used for sinus flushing. This 1% ratio matches the concentration of salt in our tears, so does not cause burning in the eye like sea or fresh water.

Instructions for an Eye Bath

Before washing your eyes, please remove all make-up thoroughly.

Pour a 1% sole solution into the eye-wash cup and hold the cup close to your eye so that no liquid can escape. (Pics. A and B)

Gently tip your head back, washing the solution over the eye while simultaneously opening and closing your eye repeatedly, so that the sole solution can saturate your eye. (Pic. C)

While keeping your eye open, roll it around for several minutes.

eye bath instructions
Picture A
Picture B
Picture C

Examples of Use

  • Dry eyes
  • Eye strain (computer work)
  • Environmental defense
  • Age-related vision concerns
  • Eye infections